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Featured in Times Onlne. 12 kms to Guruvayoor / 26 kms to Trichur Exclusive, private island jus for one family.

Office: Round South, Trichur - 1, Pin: 680001, Kerala, India. Phone: +91 487 2420556,  Mobile: +91 98471 78455, +44 70 3183 6701 (UK) Send us an inquiry
Exclusive private island in the backwaters of Trichur, Kerala - Just for one family.
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Coconut Island is a private and exclusive island guesthouse in the backwaters of Kerala, South India. The island is 150 meters from the shore in Canoli canal - a man made canal built for navigation in 1848. There are no inhabitants in the island other than Brahminy Kites, Pond herons, King fishers, Owls and crabs. The island is a coconut plantation. Other than Coconut trees, there are mango trees, Gooseberry, Neem and a natural garden. The south end of the island is kept as a wild garden for birds. It has mango trees and
some medicinal plants.
Coconut Island, Kerala
The island is meant for one family. There is only one large cottage in the island. This can accommodate 2 adults + 1 extra bed for an adult or 2 adults + 2 extra beds for 2 children. The cottage consists of one spacious bedroom of 180 square foot and 320 square foot verandah.

The house is designed and built according to Vasthu - an ancient Indian knowledge of Architecture promising peace, prosperity and happiness to the inhabitants. It is in traditional kerala design with open verandah at all sides. The wooden pillars collected from old wooden houses supports the roof around the verandah. The sealing is done with Mahogany wood in traditional fashion.
The bedroom has two cozy beds on beautifully carved wooden coats. The room is well equipped with large wooden almiraha, writing desk, dressing table, tea-poy and chairs etc. The room has enough privacy and the beautiful views through six large windows and two doors. The island always has good breeze and very fine climate. The bedroom has sealing fan. No AC.

Large - 150 square foot - open roof bath garden with granite floor has cold / hot water showers and all the modern fittings.

There are families living 200 meters away on both side of the river. The local people are very friendly and welcoming. Being a remote village, every body knows each other. And we are also known to each other. The staff comes from the village itself. There are 3 staff in the island and two of them sleeps there. At night, there would be fishermen (known to our staff) fishing near the island as well. There are mobile phones in the island. There is no battery backup incase of power failure. 
The water

The water for Cooking, for bathroom and for watering plants comes by boat from the main land. The quality of the water is often checked at the lab by us.
. Kitchen

There is another house in the island serves as a complete kitchen. The kitchen is spacious and open to guests at any time. The varandha of this house also commands a good view to the backwaters and serves as a choice of dining place. A fishermen's family from the neighborhood cooks for the guests. They are experts in preparing all kerala dishes. The guests are also welcome in the kitchen to prepare any dishes of their tastes.
The breakfast is like

Puttu (steamed rice cake), Blackgram curry, Pappadam, Bananas, Pineapple Juice, Tea / coffee.
Iddaly, Chutni, Samabar, Pappaya, Pineapple Juice, Tea / coffee.
Ada (rice + coconut + jagerry), Pappaya, Pineapple Juice, Tea / coffee.
Idiyappam, vegitable stew, Bananas, Pineapple Juice, Tea / coffee.
Dosa, Chutni, Samabar, Bananas, Pineapple Juice, Tea / coffee.

The Lunch is like Rice, Sambar, Aviyal, curd, Pappadam, Fried fish, Fish curry / fish molly, Spinage, Pinapple / desert.
Dinner is like Chappathi, rice, fried fish, Vegitable Kuruma, Vegitable dry curry etc.

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